Acquisitions / Sales

  • Acquisition/sale strategies and choice of the acquisition/sale structure (shares, business as a going concern, branches of activity, assets, etc.)
  • Confidentiality and exclusivity agreements, letters of intent, term sheets, offers
  • Legal audits of target companies
  • Setting up data rooms
  • Promises to sell and to purchase, share purchase agreements and warranty agreements
  • Post-closing formalities, reorganisations and restructurings
  • Dealing with post-acquisition events and conflicts

Contributions, TUPs, mergers, winding-up and liquidation procedures

  • Partial contributions of assets, contributions of shares, mergers, spin-offs and group restructurings
  • Automatic transfers of assets and liabilities linked to sole shareholding (TUP)
  • Winding-up and liquidation procedures
  • Formalities linked to leaving a company in abeyance

Regulations linked to foreign investments in France

  • Prior authorisations
  • Statistical declarations with the Banque de France

Businesses as going concerns

  • Acquisitions and sales of businesses as a going concern (review of the main elements of the sale and prior authorisations, promises to sell and business transfer agreements)
  • Formalities and oppositions of the creditors
  • Rental-management of a business as a going concern