Company and branch registrations

  • Choice of the legal form of a company(and of the legal status of the legal representatives of a company)
  • Company incorporations (drafting of Articles of Association and all ancillary documents for the incorporation, mandatory formalities)
  • Branch offices for foreign companies

Company secretarial work for independent companies, branches and groups of companies

  • Company secretarial work (approval of accounts, related-party agreements, etc.)
  • Liaising with statutory auditors and accountants
  • Preparation of committees, boards and shareholder meetings
  • Organisation of relationships with employees (works council, etc.)
  • Amendment of Articles of Association and change of form of companies
  • Holding of shareholder meetings
  • Maintaining and updating legal corporate registries
  • Filings and formalities

Operations on capital

  • Share capital increases and reductions
  • Issuance of financial instruments, free shares, preferential shares, autonomous warrants, entrepreneur warrants and other related mechanisms

Advice to shareholders and management

  • Internal organisation of powers, functioning of management bodies, corporate office mandates, governance issues, delegations of powers
  • Accumulation of a corporate office and an employment agreement (verification with the French authorities)
  • Shareholders’ agreements and other agreements external to the Articles of Association, joint ventures
  • Liability of legal representatives
  • Governance rules, internal control and good practice procedures, and follow-up of legal obligations, codes of conduct and codes of ethic

Regulated activities

  • Assistance regarding the filing of applications for regulated activities (e.g. real estate activities, transport activities, etc.)
  • Administrative formalities linked to regulated activities, and modification of the declarations and authorisations throughout the duration of the company